How can NFTs transform influencer marketing?

One key aspect that draws influencers and content creators towards NFTs is their potential to create a new world of intellectual property with copyright royalties for the content creator and influencer-generated content. Over the past decade, we have seen that viral moments can create a potential financial income for their creators. This can go from memes to short videos and products. It can be used as a potential revenue stream that a lot of individuals and corporations are moving into, from professional sports leagues to artists and more who could now sell the NFT behind their brands rather than having to negotiate a three or five-year usage of their image.

Furthermore, content creators and brands can join forces to create NFTs experiences for both of their audiences, as a new form of technology that will allow them to drive innovation and new customer journeys. With the inclusion of NFTs, both partners can create unique content that can be monetized and allow followers to own a collectable piece. These pieces will not only be made available to the creator’s audience, but also to brands who would like to leverage this content and to be a part of an iconic moment.

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