Haute Agency’s public relations services were designed for innovative companies in various sectors that are looking for effective media services minus the empty promises. We start with the on-boarding process to understand your companies differentiating factors, build a profile that is shared with our editors group, and quickly and effectively position your company as industry leaders.

Unlike many other public relations services, we guarantee monthly media placements through mid and top tier publications such as:


When is the last time your public relations agency guaranteed placements? Visit our contact page for a quote and to start your public relations program with Haute Agency today!


Grow your influence, expand your reach, inflate your following, increase brand awareness and become an influencer through target interactions and engagements.


Why Work With Us:

Visible Results: Within hours of starting your campaign the results begin coming in.

Genuine: Results are real and verifiable, no fake followers or likes. Real results, real organic growth.

We manage your Instagram interactions with your target audience to get you the results you want.

What We Do:

Profile Consulting: We will analyze and provide suggestions to help improve your profile picture, username, bio, and photo feed for optimal follower attraction.

Content Strategizing: We will work with you to map out a complete content creation plan that will help enhance your Instagram for maximum growth.

Authentic Targeting: We use advanced software to help you target highly active users who are searching for and interested in similar content as you provide.


Sponsorship Posts: We will create a custom high conversion Instagram ad, to help promote you and/or any product/services you sell, to a targeted audience.